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My Sweet Spots


In recent weeks I’ve been thinking about what are my strengths and sweet spots in career and ministry. Here are a list of things that come to mind:

Big Picture/Macro-Perspective: I am most comfortable and confident when dealing with big ideas, grand visions, and overall goals. I like casting bold visions.

Out-of-box Thinking: Instead of traveling on old beaten paths, I like to venture out and create my own path. I like to challenge status quo and the norm because innovation comes from new ways of thinking and doing.

Global-Minded: In ministry I relate most to ministries to that are global in scope and focus. Ministries such as Compassion International, World Vision, and United Nations are closest to my heart.

Education Focus: Education is at the heart of all I do. Specifically, I love knowledge, ideas, and theories and how they can change lives and promote greater understanding. I’ve to teach and interact with students. I prefer college and older pupils, but open to working with younger children.

Social Justice: Seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God and with people. I’m particularly drawn to ministries that invest in people by building their character, capacity, and capabilities. LifeLine CDC, International Justice, and Samaritan’s Purse are ministries that are close to my heart.

Technology-Enabled: As a technology enthusiast and some who puts a great deal of confidence in cloud computing, I want to leverage the power and potential of technology to solve big problems in education and social justice.


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