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How I’m spending my vacation

pullen-grace-christmas-holly-faith-family-friends.jpg A few months back, my wife and I scheduled this week as a week-long family vacation. We were supposed to go out of town and get away from our daily routines.  As it turned out, I ended up working Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and as a result, I didn’t get a chance to really “start” my vacation until today (Thursday).  How a week-long vacation ended up being just an extended weekend-long vacation speaks volumes about how I haven’t really prioritized “time off work” as I do “time at work.”  Given today’s economy where just having a job is something to be grateful for, it’s hard to make a strong argument about the need to take time off for the brain to decompress and the body to rest and recover.  I realize that even though I’m on vacation, my brain still veers towards thoughts of work projects, but I’m trying to balance that with other things that are more important than work.

This morning, I woke up shortly before 10am.  I ate a yogurt and a pluot.  I spent a little over an hour on the phone and computer with an old friend who needed my help and advice on various things.  Around noon, I ate lunch (leftover) while watching a TEDxHouston 2011 – Chris Seay – Pastor at Ecclesia video about how we find our place in this world.  The main point I got from it is the need to live with humility and conviction, recognizing our fractured past but not letting it define our present and future.  I then called my mom to say hi and see how she’s doing.  She’s been feeling a bit depressed given the state of the world and given her circumstances.  We talked for about one hour about various things.
It’s about late afternoon of my first day of a four day vacation, and I feel I’ve used my time wisely thus far.  I’ve given a bit of time to help out a close friend, to encourage a family member, and to be reminded about my faith.  Faith, family, and friends – key ingredients to having a rewarding and restful vacation.  The more I think about it, the more I need to invest in these things because ultimately they matter more than what we do in our jobs or what we can ever accomplish with our lives. 

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