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A Balanced Life


Make a short list of the special people in your life.  What makes them so special to you? What “small things” might you do to express your gratitude for their roles in your life?

  • Wife: The love of my life, the anchor for our family, and the wisest person I know. Court her weekly.
  • Children: They bring joy and smiles to my life.  Do things “with” them and not just “for” them.
  • Mom: She taught me perseverance, hard work, and how to cook.  Call her regularly to say hi and listen.
  • Brother:  Kind-hearted and generous, I’m proud of all that he has accomplished.  Consult on small matters.
  • Friend (JB): Walks by faith and not by sight. Provide advice and perspective on practical matters.
  • Friend (LH): Invested in my early life so I might have a better life. Show gratitude with call and card.
  • Friend (SC): Someone who I can journey through life’s highs and lows.  Encourage and spur to good deeds.

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