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My Biggest Dream

If money and time were not an issue, what’s the biggest dream you have for doing something significant? Identify as least one small step you can take toward fulfilling that dream.

The biggest dream I can think of for doing something significant with my life is to address the orphan crisis.  I’d like to find a loving family for each and every orphan (all 165 million of them) in this world.  Since each individual is made in the image of God, he or she has value and worth, and every individuals, including orphans, deserve a chance at life.  Orphans face an especially challenging obstacle due to their unfortunate lot in life.  My dream would include working to eradicate unnecessary political, financial, and social obstacles that slow the international adoption process.

The one small step I’ve taken toward fulfilling this dream is through the adoption of our daughter, Abby, from China.  She is just one orphan who now belongs to a loving family.  I hope and pray that our one small step of faith will lead to something greater – something that I can’t even imagine.   

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