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Going to the Wiggles Concert!


Wiggles Concert: Wiggly Circus

Tim and Theo are big Wiggles fans.  As long as they can remember, Tim and Theo have watched, sung, and danced along to Wiggles tunes.

Theo likes Murray – the Red Wiggle, and Tim likes Anthony – the Blue Wiggle.

They have memorized not only the songs but also the dances.  A few of their favorites include “Hot Potato,” “Fruit Salad,” and “Big Red Car.”

They’ve enjoyed the Wiggles so much that they even performed their own Wiggles concert in their bedroom before the audience of their parents.

When the Wiggles was scheduled to perform at a nearby town, their parents quickly bought tickets.  Tim and Theo thought it would be fun and exciting to see them in person.   To prepare for the concert, they got roses for Dorothy the Dinosaur and a bone for Wags the Dog.

After waiting five longs months, the day finally came!  Their parents drove two-hours to the big concert hall where the Wiggles will be performing.  They got there extra early just in case.

When the show began, Tim and Theo stood up on their feet.  They were amazed that the Wiggles were actually bigger and taller in real life.  They danced.  They sung.  They gave roses to Dorothy the Dinosaur.  They gave a bone to Wags the Dog.

When the show ended, they told their parents that they want to see the Wiggles again.  They had realized that seeing the Wiggles in person is so much more fun than seeing them on their television.


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